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I’m Kat, a Canadian singer-songwriter from Toronto but currently living in Guelph, Ontario.


Music has been a part of my life since I was a kid wandering around singing wherever I went. I kind of made everyone crazy, but it was obvious that this was the direction I was going according to my mother. 

A Toronto born artist looking to make their mark.

I started playing the piano as a child but was not very interested in learning how to play. After stopping the piano for a while, I picked up the guitar and fell in love. I would end up playing the guitar on and off for almost 10 years but only for fun. I switched to a ukulele in summer 2019 while I was living in Guelph. While looking for a way to make a little extra money, I decided to do what many musicians do and tried my luck out at busking. I would go downtown some afternoons and evenings with the ukulele, mic and an amp and play for hours. I tried to use my guitar, but people seemed to enjoy the ukulele music more. So, the ukulele stayed, and I would busk down by the bars on Friday and Saturday nights from 11pm until 2am some nights. I would also frequent open mic nights downtown and still do even now; it's one of the best spots to test out new material.


I mostly play covers, but the list of my own originals is slowly growing.


Being up on stage is quite possibly the most terrifying thing in the world, but once I start singing, all of that melts away. There is nothing better than hearing the audience sing-along. It’s a powerful thing.

I take bookings for events, weddings, BBQs, and bars. Hopefully, you will find me a fit for your next event.


If you are interested in hearing more, please reach out, I would love to chat.


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