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Kat Steeves is an emerging queer singer-songwriter from Guelph, Ontario.


They are known for their soulful yet uplifting vocals and captivating stage presence. With a unique blend of folk, jazz, and pop influences ranging from Noah Kahan and Donovan Woods to Fleetwood Mac and Norah Jones, Kat’s sound can only be described as welcoming and warm.


They draw inspiration in their writing from personal experiences and the world around them, they infuse each song with honesty and vulnerability, allowing listeners to connect on a truly personal level.


Kat’s journey as a musician began with busking in 2019 in downtown Guelph, playing gigs at local bars and open mic nights. They have since performed over 400 gigs all over Southern Ontario since they began.  Some of those include Gain Fest 2022 & 2024, Blue Mountain Guitar Trail 2022 & 2023, several Exhibitionist Magazine events and will be playing at RiverFest Elora this summer. 


They are currently working on recording music and are hoping to release some in the upcoming future.

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